13th April 2020

5 Shopify Apps to Win More Ecommerce Sales

With over 4,000 apps on the Shopify app store—and 3–5 added every day—it’s impossible for store owners to keep up with the changing app landscape. But that doesn’t mean there’s no pressure to keep up.

Brands, that have never done traditional retail, focus on “experiences” partnering with influencers and other brands

Brands, especially those that have never done traditional retail, are winning buyers before they arrive on a site by focusing on “experiences” (not just transactions) and partnering with influencers.

New apps may help you keep pace, but no app is “magical.” None will generate a massive conversion rate boost. This curated list should, however, save you some time and stress, and maybe even deliver a quick win—something we could all use.

Here are five apps that can help you win more ecommerce sales:

1. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

30,000+ Shopify brands have found success with Smile’s easy-to-build loyalty platform, making it the most trusted rewards app on the platform.

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Smile.io pop-up

Smile has three main features:

Loyalty points program

  • Earn points for actions like creating a customer account, placing an order, celebrating birthdays, or leaving reviews
  • Create urgency with bonus points & points expiry campaigns
  • Save abandoned carts & invite customers back with points reminders
  • Customers can redeem points for coupon codes or free gifts at checkout

Referral program

  • Create social proof with word-of-mouth marketing
  • Encourage customers to refer a friend using personalized referral links through pop ups and emails
  • Easily monitor referral traffic and sales with in-app analytics

VIP program

  • Strengthen customer retention with VIP statuses and perks
  • Upsell customers to progress towards VIP tiers

More about Smile.io on their website.

2. tawk.to Live Chat

Tawk is a free live chat application designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

Adding a live chat will not increase your conversions, but having people that will sell your services over that chat will.

If you can staff a live chat function, Tawk can help improve and measure performance. Their tool allows you to track visitors across your website as they browse, and your team can intervene with a custom message to that user based on the product they’re looking at, what they’ve added to the cart, past conversations, etc.

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Twalk Dashboard

Compatible with all modern browsers, tawk.to was created out of the growing need for businesses to respond in real-time, with real people. Tawk.to offers iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected, or you can log in via any modern browser.

Tawk chat app and ticketing system integrate seamlessly with your store so you can provide real-time support and service to your customers. Never lose another lead or sale again, with Tawk you can monitor and chat with your website visitors when they need you the most.

The app is completely free – Currently, they generate revenue by providing live chat answering services for a select group of customers – though to use the software yourself is has no cost, with no limits at all on the number of Agents, Chat Volumes or sites that you can add widgets to.

Read more about Twalk on their website.

3. Fera Social Proof

With the Fera Social Proof app, you can increase sales, improve your conversions, build brand trust and get social validation by showing your store visitors how great your product is with:

1. Social Proof Pop-Ups

2. Customer Testimonials and Reviews

3. Visitor and Product Viewer Counters

4. Recent Sales Pop-ups

5. ‘People Who Added to Cart’ Alerts

6. Intelligent Social Proof Feeds

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Social Proof powered by Fera

Check out Fera in the Shopify app store.

4. Omnisend Email Marketing

Marketing automation is all about sending anticipated and relevant messages at the right time. We take it a step further – add SMS messages into your automated workflows. You can then follow up by syncing your subscribers segments to Google and Facebook ads.

Capitalize on pre-built automation workflows that you need to set up only once

  • Welcome – greet your shoppers and introduce your brand right after signup.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery – win back lost orders by reaching your shoppers that have abandoned their shopping cart
  • Confirmation – send branded and automatic order, shipment and cancellation confirmations.
  • Post-Purchase – reactivate your customers with a series of messages designed to drive repeat sale.
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Read more about Omnisend on their website.

5. Recart FB Messenger Marketing

Messenger is the next generation of marketing. Instead of sending your emails to Promotion folder, get better results by automating chat conversations with your customers on Facebook Messenger.

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Unlike email, Messenger Marketing is growing at a high pace, thanks to:

  • Insane engagement rates

Almost everyone opens your messages and about a third engages with them. It’s also easy to subscribe to: Recart offers various one-click Messenger subscription tools.

  • Facebook Messenger has less friction than email

Customers’ Messenger inboxes don’t get flooded by hundreds of promos every day and your messages don’t get lost in spam or promotions folder.

  • It’s more personal than any other channel

After implementing Recart Messenger Marketing: customers actually respond to you. Unlike TV, FB ads, radio… Messenger is a 2-way conversation.

  • Your customers are on Facebook

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